Tips For Packing And Organizing A Small Storage Space
Posted by storageunitsinpompan, 12/19/2017 5:36 am

Self Storage Units offer an effective solution to many common problems related to storage. People rent them in order to get a house ready for sale, re-purpose a room, and even hold the products of a small business. A small unit can hold a lot of stuff, but it can also be hard to organize. The following are some tips for packing and organizing a small storage space in order to get the most use out of it.

Use Vertical Space

When arranging items in Self Storage Units in Bronx, users need to bring a step ladder and make sure to stack the boxes all the way up to the ceiling. This is the best way to get the maximum use out of the unit. However, it's important to organize the stacks carefully, with the heaviest items on the bottom to provide a stable foundation. Moreover, all boxes should be stacked vertically if at all possible to minimize the floor space they consume.

Fill All Empty Space

It may help to separate the contents of large boxes into two or more smaller ones in order to store them more efficiently. Small boxes and individual items can fill in gaps in the vertical stacks. In addition, don't forget to use any empty interior space. For example, a stored refrigerator, freezer, or cabinet can hold smaller boxes or even un-boxed items.

Consider Accessibility

If an owner has no plans to use any of the items in storage, accessibility is not a pressing issue. However, anyone who still needs to be able to access things in a storage unit should plan accordingly when arranging boxes. Clear and visible labeling is one helpful strategy, and it's also a good idea to place things the users will need near the front of the unit. Some people draw a diagram to indicate precisely where things are located and tape it up somewhere inside the storage unit.

Make Sure To Leave An Aisle

Finally, think about getting in and out of the storage space. By leaving the middle of the unit empty, users can easily get inside, look around, and find what they want. The inside space can be especially useful for loading hand trucks or using step ladders.

When researching Self Storage Facilities in the Bronx, it's a good idea to look for facilities that offer climate control, 24/7 security, and convenient parking. Most people also look for Storage Units in Bronx NY that are close to home and easy to get to.

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